Patient Charging


Laboratory contracts provide for 'free' testing for all diagnostic work, and for breast and cervical screening, all other testing is chargeable. When requesting tests of a commercial nature (e.g. insurance medical, pre-employment medical, immigration testing, seasonal workers), you need to clearly state this on the request form. In such cases the patient is liable for all laboratory costs and payment is normally required at the time of testing.


If your practice is generating your own request forms please ensure that a tick box is added to indicate an entitlement to public funding (eligibility)
If you are aware the patient is a visitor to NZ or does not have work permits totalling more than 2 years (in which case they also have no entitlement to the GMS) please send them to one of our depots to have their samples taken or
If you are happy to collect money on our behalf please contact Customer Services to arrange monthly billing and clearly mark forms 'Bill to practice name’
In cases where we identify on receipt of the sample that the patient should have been charged but has not been we will notify the referrer and/or patient, and samples will be held for 48 hours pending payment being received. Where we identify such cases post reporting the results a bill will be sent to the patient with notification to the GP.


For copies of the latest patient charging schedule and eligibility criteria can be downloaded by clicking on the following link;


Patient charging schedule price list



Payment is always required by Non-New Zealanders and New Zealand citizens when they:


are applying for a visa or immigration permit eg: going to work overseas, applying for NZ residency
require an insurance related health check
require a work related health check eg: for a pilots licence, St John, Rest Home staff
require a pre-employment health check, for example, hepatitis status, MRSA screen, drug screen (note: DHB staff are exempted)
are getting non-diagnostic testing done eg: clearance for sporting clubs, screening for students entering halls of residence, anti-aging clinics, blood grouping
are having checks of immune status eg: University or Polytechnic accommodation and prior to or post vaccination eg: HepA, Hep B, Rubella, Tetanus, Rabies, Mumps, Varicella
require employment related checks eg: lead or mercury levels, drug testing
have been referred by a dentist or an alternative health provider
are part of a screening program other than the breast and cervical programs
are having tests done which are not funded under the contract (these are usually new tests which the DHB has not agreed to fund) eg: Quantiferon Gold, Gliadin II (AGAII), Sirilimus, Mycophenylate
are self - requesting tests



All Non-New Zealand citizens are also charged for all tests unless:


they are a resident of The United Kingdom having urgent care (reciprocal arrangements exist)
they have a current work permit valid at least 2 years, or renewed work permits totalling at least 2 years
they have refugee status, or are in the process of applying for refugee status
they are having maternity care and their partner is a NZ resident
the testing relates to an accident, in which case it is covered by the ACC
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